The Inspection

What We Inspect

My inspections have been designed to assist you in your due diligence process. My goal is to help you understand how a home is functioning. Purchasing a home is not something you do every day and I strive to provide the information you need to make an informed decision on the purchase of that home.

What Does a Typical Home Inspection Cover?

As an ASHI Certified Inspector, my inspections and reports must comply with the Standards of Practice established by the American Society of Home Inspectors. To view these standards you may visit the ASHI website at The home inspection includes:


Property Condition Assessments

Includes Multi-Unit Housing, Light Commercial Properties and Agricultural Properties. Property condition assessments are performed prior to purchase as well as periodically during ownership. Pre-purchase assessments are performed to identify defects prior to taking ownership in order to negotiate repairs or price adjustments which reflect the true condition of the property. Property condition assessments are performed using ASTM Standard E 2018-01. We all know that tenants sometimes neglect to mention repairs and may abuse the property during their tenancy. Regular inspections during ownership can ensure that your investment remains profitable. Anticipating repairs can help the bottom line. It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive.

Agricultural property assessments or inspections can be tailored to fit the client’s needs. Let’s face it, farming and ranching is a difficult business. You need to know that your family, employees and livestock are not exposed to potential hazards in residences and livestock facilities. As a family rancher I understand the need for a practical examination of the structures on your farm or ranch. Even properties with designated maintenance personnel often can’t see the larger problems facing them daily.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that results from the decay of trace amounts of uranium in the ground under a home. If the concentration of radon in a home is too high, it increases the chances of lung cancer for the occupants. All homes have some radon and there is really no way to know whether Radon is present without testing. Prairie Home Inspection uses only electronic continuous radon monitors to assure an accurate and prompt reading of the radon concentration in a home. James Hollifield was US EPA Certified for radon testing in 1994.

Mold, Asbestos, and Pests, Etc.

Many homes often have some potential environmental hazards such as mold and moisture problems. Older homes may have asbestos, lead based paints or pests. Identification and disclosure of these items is beyond the scope of a standard home inspection, but I believe my clients should be alerted to these hazards. Where these type of problems are believed to be present, I will report concerns of this type so they can seek further expert investigation or advice.

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Virtual Home Inspection

To see a virtual home inspection at the ASHI website, click the link: Take a tour of a virtual home inspection